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Segment 7
The last segment of the Paul Bunyan Trail! Starting with Bemidji at mile marker 97.2 and ending the 100 miles of the Paul Bunyan Trail at the junction of the Blue Ox Trail.
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The Bog Walk


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Kohl’s Resort

bemidjitrailBemidji’s 2013 population of 14, 435 makes Bemidji the trail region’s second largest city. While wood products are still an important part of its economy, Bemidji’s role as a large, diverse commercial center has been emerging over the years. In addition to being the county seat of Beltrami County, the city is the home for a number of major state and federal facilities. Additional services include a full range of medical facilities, a technical college, and Bemidji State University. Scheduled commercial airline service and national bus line service are available. Lodging in Bemidji MN include several options from motels and hotels to resorts. Of special significance are Lake Bemidji and Lake Bemidji State Park.

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LocationBemidji MN (Asphalt, 10 feet wide)
Mile 97.2The rail bridge over the Mississippi as the river flows out of Lake Bemidji offers an excellent view and an interpretive sign.
Mile 100.0The junction of the Paul Bunyan State Trail and the Blue Ox Trail.



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