Paul Bunyan Trail Towns

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 Brainerd MN

Mile 0.0
While not located on the trail, Brainerd is the largest city in the trail region, and is located where the trail begins. Brainerd has many services likely to be sought out by trail users.

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Baxter MN

Mile 0.0
The southern Trail Head is located in Baxter at the trail's intersection with Excelsior Road. There is a 150 car lot across the street at the Northland Arboretum!

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Merrifield MN

Mile 9.0
Merrifield Lions shelter has public bathrooms, as does the North Long Lake public access, which has a large parking lot as well.

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 Nisswa/Lake Hubert MN

Mile 14.8
Located just south of Nisswa is Lake Hubert. The Lake Hubert rest stop has an information board, and benches. Nisswa has public restroom facilities adjacent to the trail, housed in the same building as the Chamber of Commerce.

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Pequot Lakes MN

Mile 21.0
The community of Pequot Lakes offers you public parking lots adjacent to the trail on the north and south side of town. Trailside Park hosts a picnic shelter and a band shelter right next to the trail.

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Jenkins MN

Mile 24.0
Gateway to the Whitefish Chain of Lakes. Jenkins is located north of Pequot Lakes and is a great place for all of a trail user's needs.

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Pine River MN

Mile 30.0
The city of Pine River has a parking lot adjacent to the trail. The Chamber of Commerce is in the process of putting up a new facility on the trail. This new structure will have bathrooms.

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Backus MN

Mile 38.8
Backus boasts a parking lot, beachside park, running water, and lavatories all adjacent to the trail.

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Hackensack MN

Mile 46.4
In the Hackensack area you will find public restrooms on the trail and water available.

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Walker MN

Mile 63.2
Walker is nestled on the western shore of giant Leech Lake and near the Chippewa National Forest, Walker has been a popular vacation destination for many years. With snowmobiling, hiking, and biking now added to the traditional outdoor sports, Walker is truly becoming a popular destination.

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Benedict MN

Mile 71.0
Benedict is located just between Walker and Laporte on the Paul Bunyan Trail. It includes a rest area with pull off, information board, and picnic tables.

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Laporte MN

Mile 76.2
With a population of a hundred and one, Laporte is the smallest incorporated city on all the trail. A good rest stop with parking spaces, and grocery store which caters to bicyclists and a gas station/convenience store also.

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 Guthrie MN

Mile 82.4
Guthrie has one of the most attractive city parks located along the Paul Bunyan Trail and is a must stop for any trail user. Guthrie has ample parking is offers a peaceful, shady rest stop under towering pines.

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Nary MN

Mile 87.6
Nary has a few scattered houses and a gently rolling landscape, limited parking. Nary is the perfect place to rest up for the beginning or end of any ride.

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Bemidji MN

Mile 97.2
The trail enters Bemidji in a residential area, with bike route on the street for a few blocks. As it crosses Paul Bunyan Dr S/MN Hwy 197, two routes are available to reach the northern trailhead: the on-street 1st Ave to Gould Ave, or the south shore trail passing near the Hampton Inn and The Sanford Center. The trail skirts the shore of Lake Bemidji, crosses the Mississippi River as it exits Lake Bemidji and arrives at the trail head in Lake Bemidji State Park.

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