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Merrifield MN – Paul Bunyan Trail Towns

Segment 1

The beginning of the Paul Bunyan Trail is Segment 1. From mile markers 0.0 to 14.3 covering areas from Brainerd, Baxter, Merrifield, to just north of Nisswa.
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Mollie Lake rest area.
Mile 10.5


 Lodging in this area:

Train Bell Resort


pbt08The unincorporated village of Merrifield, a part of Lake Edwards township, is about nine miles north of Baxter and had a population of 140 as of the 2010 census. The settlement was named for William Merrifield, an early veterinarian at the Campbell Logging Ranch. seasonal and permanent residences and a resort are located adjacent to the west edge of the rail right-of-way of the shore of North Long Lake. Several small businesses and the city park with a shelter and playground are located one block to the east along Hwy. 25.


Trail Access and Parking Areas, and Rest Areas in Merrifield MN


LocationMerrifield MN (Asphalt, 10 feet wide)
Mile 9.0Parking for trail users is available at the existing DNR public water access site on North Long Lake. An information board is provided here as well.
Mile 10.5Mollie Lake rest area.



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