Walker MN

Segment 5

Starting at mile marker 63.2 and ending at 79.4, segment 5 covers areas from Walker, Benedict, and Laporte. With many bridges and scenic areas located along this segment of the trail it’s hard to pass up.
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Walker Country Inn

lotsopeopleWalker, MN has a 2015 population of 998 and is located on the southwest corner of the third largest MN lake: Leech Lake. The city of Walker Minnesota is named for Thomas Barlow Walker, original owner of the town site and lumberman in Cass County and several other northern Minnesota counties. As an important shipping point for logs to the south and supplies to the north, Walker grew rapidly during the 1890’s. It became the county seat for Cass County in 1897, and by 1900 contained a population of 500.

Today, Walker MN enjoys its position as a regional trade center for area residents, seasonal homeowners and tourists. Ever tourist oriented commercial service can be found here. Numerous restaurants and shops line the downtown streets. The historic Chase Hotel and three other hotels provide 211 rooms. While there is no hospital, there is a clinic, three doctors, and three dentists available in Walker, MN.

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Trail Access and Parking Areas, and Rest Areas in Walker


LocationWalker MN (Asphalt, 10 feet wide)
Mile 63.2Walker trail access/parking lot. The existing parking lot for the Heartland State Trail serves the Paul Bunyan State Trail users who wish to access the trail here.
Mile 65.4Walker Bay rest area.
Mile 69.2At the bridge over the Benedict River, a small parking area, trailer-in water access, and shore fishing site will be developed.
Mile 70.6At the bridge over the Kabekona River, a small parking area, carry-in water access, and shore fishing will be developed.



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