Backus MN

Backus MN – Paul Bunyan Trail Towns

Segment 3

Segment 3 starts at mile marker 30.0 covering the twelve miles to Hackensack with Backus in-between at mile marker 38.8.
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Shelter at Backus.

pbt12The Paul Bunyan Trail passes through the center of present day Backus MN, population 246. Pine Mountain Lake is on the west, and the former business district is to the east. The community’s commercial services, located along TH 371, can serve trail users.

The view of the lake provided by the existing public water access and the small community park on nearby Pine Mountain Lake should attract many trail users. These two recreational facilities are only about a quarter of a mile from the Paul Bunyan trail.


Trail Access and Parking Areas, and Rest Areas in Backus



LocationBackus (Asphalt, 10 feet wide)
Mile 38.8Backus trail access/rest area.
Mile 42.3Beuber Lake rest area. This area overlooks the lake with a small picnic table proposed for the near future.



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