Hackensack MN

Hackensack MN – Paul Bunyan Trail Towns

Segment 4

From Hackensack to four miles north of Walker, segment 4 is the halfway point on the Paul Bunyan Trail. Segment 4 starts at mile marker 46.4 and runs through 54.0.

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pbt18The city of Hackensack Minnesota contains most of the commercial services that any Paul Bunyan trail user would want or need. Despite it’s small size of just 308 in 2013, Hackensack offers dining, groceries, a drug store, service stations, motels, and shops selling a variety of merchandise which are all found in the adjacent downtown area. Many of the businesses are located between the trail and TH 371 – a definite advantage for families with young children.

The popular city park, playground, toilet facilities, Chamber of Commerce information, building, and beach on Birch Lake will certainly be appreciated by trail users.

Hackensack MN is also home to Paul Bunyan’s Girlfriend! Lucette Diana Kensack, can be found near the water access.



Trail Access and Parking Areas, and Rest Areas in Hackensack



LocationHackensack (Asphalt, 10 feet wide)
Mile 46.4Hackensack trail access, parking lot, rest area.
Mile 50.2Ten Mile Lake rest area.
Mile 51.0Interpretive opportunity of Lothrop is recommended.
Mile 52.6Parage Lake rest area with view of lake.
Mile 53.2Historic site of Cyphers.