Laporte MN

Laporte MN – Paul Bunyan Trail Towns

Segment 5

Starting at mile marker 63.2 and ending at 79.4, segment 5 covers areas from Walker, Benedict, and Laporte. With many bridges and scenic areas located along this segment of the trail it’s hard to pass up.
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Founded with the arrival of the railroad in 1898, this community was originally called Ann by Nelson Daughters, first postmaster, in honor of his deceased wife. The growing town was given the French name of Laporte, which means “the door” or “gateway”, in 1901. The community was incorporated as a village in 1908.

Today, with a 2013 population of 115, Laporte MN is the smallest incorporated city on the trail route. Although small, the city offers variety of tourist oriented services (grocery store, cafe, service stations, etc.). In addition, Laporte MN is located on scenic Garfield Lake which has a DNR developed public access. A nearby city park contains playground, rest rooms, and tennis courts.


Trail Access and Parking Areas, and Rest Areas in Laporte


LocationLaporte MN (Asphalt, 10 feet wide)
Mile 76.2Laporte trail access/parking lot and rest area.
Mile 79.4Pokety Creek rest area.



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